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The Magic of Interconnection

and How it Makes Us Happier

In almost every discipline from biology to economics to sociology, we are taught that the world is set up as a kind of competition, where the strongest and most capable win the most resources in a zero-sum game. But recent research in all these fields shows that this just isn’t true, but rather a more universal principle is survival of the most cooperative. In this episode, we are going to look at examples of this alternative worldview in relation to the Buddhist principle of interdependence, and see how an awareness of our deep connection and interrelationship with others and the natural world can make us happier.

Venerable Tenzin mentions some books during this episode:

  • The Overstory by Richard Powers

  • Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard

  • Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

  • Born to Be Good by Dacher Keltner

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